Terms & Conditions

Moqawalat.com and its parent company, Wabash Web Development Co W.L.L., incorporated in the State of Kuwait, will hereby be referred to as Moqawalat.com or the Company.

The customer here applies to both customers and service providers who use Moqawalat.com. Customers include any person who uses Moqawalat.com to post a project. Service providers include contracting companies, individual contractors, technicians, and suppliers who supply quotations for posted projects.

Moqawalat.com will not be held liable for the accuracy of any customer information listed on its website. The information here refers to anything pertaining to projects, business profiles, and quotations among others, and the accuracy of that information. The customer will be held legally accountable for the accuracy of the information posted.

Moqawalat.com will not be held liable for any agreements, commitments, transactions, or obligations made between customers and service providers and based on information from the website, or for information provided by other customers. Moqawalat.com�s role is simply to connect customers, service providers, and suppliers with each other and provide a platform through which they can communicate and correspond with one another.

The Company will not be held responsible for the level of service quality provided by various service providers, or the service itself. Its sole mission is to provide an online platform that can link customers to service providers and vice versa. The service provider will be held accountable for the service and the service quality provided based on the predefined agreement with the customer. The customer may use the agreement with the service provider if it is signed by an authorized signatory, and if it is contingent with the terms and conditions of both Moqawalat.com and the service provider.

The quotation submitted by the Service Provider will remain valid for 30 days unless the service provider mentions otherwise. If a new quotation is needed after the initial agreement, you can contact the service provider directly via the website�s messaging service.

Suppliers will provide quotations that represent in-stock inventory or mention the need to order otherwise. Suppliers are expected to provide the correct specifications and information about their products.

Service providers may only be rated by those customers who used their service via Moqawalat.com. Customers may only be rated by the service providers they hired via Moqawalat.com. Moqawalat.com will not influence or interfere with the ratings of both service providers and customers.

The ratings do not express the views of the Company. Furthermore, the Company will not be held accountable for libel or any other legal issue that may arise as a result of the opinions, messages, and information of our customers and service providers, or any posting related to them.

To emphasize their credibility, service providers may choose to provide information and documents listing the company�s authorized signatory. Additionally, the service provider may upload a scanned copy of the quotation featuring a stamp from the authorized signatory.

If a customer wishes to cancel a project, then he/she must inform the service provider before signing or accepting a quotation. Moqawalat.com will not interfere between the two parties in any case, but reserves the right to when the need arises, which is based on the company�s review of the issue.

To fully secure the contract, the service provider should obtain a scanned copy of a signed quotation from the customer along with a copy of their Civil ID.

Service Providers who wish to register with the Company may wait up to two business days for approval. If the application is not approved, the Service Provider will be notified by the Company.

Profanity will not be tolerated under any circumstances when using Moqawalat.com, and the customer will be held solely liable and may be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law Moqawalat.com reserves the right to demand compensation where necessary as a result of slander or any profane material.

Service providers may not hold Moqawalat.com responsible or liable for payments and financial obligations, conflicts, or any other issue that may arise through customer interactions. Likewise, customers may not hold the Company liable or responsible for any issues, financial or otherwise, including delivery, as a result of interactions with service providers.

The design, content, logo, website and source code are considered the sole property of and trademarked by Moqawalat.com, and protected as such under local and international intellectual property laws. Any violations or breach of these laws will result in prosecution by Moqawalat.com.

Moqawalat.com and Wabash Co for Web Development W.L.L. are not responsible and/or liable for the accuracy of the information in the listings, projects, postings and any other information provided by the customers. The liability of the accuracy of the listing reverts to the customer listing the information. Also, moqawalat.com and its parent company are not liable nor are they responsible for any agreements, commitments or other obligations from the listing customer, made through obtaining information from the website.

By signing up to Moqawalat.com, you agree that moqawalat.com, Wabash Web Development Company WLL and their affiliates can use your uploaded information, logos, photos and other materials to use for marketing on various platforms including but not limited to Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc) and other methods (Video, TV, Newspapers, etc)

If the customer has a subscription and wants to cancel it, the customer will not be refunded the amount paid, but will be able to edit their information and wait for a new approval.

Approvals of service providers� registrations and subscriptions should take no more than 48 hours on regular business days. Any delays in the approval beyond 48 hours will not constitute reimbursement or liability on from the company and nor from its associates. If users are not approved, they will be notified, and the amount will be refunded to them within seven business days. If there is a problem with the cancellation, the liability and responsibility lie with the customer.

Profanity and bad language will not be tolerated, and the customer will be solely liable for use of such language.

The design, content, logo, website, source code are owned and are a copyright of Wabash Co for Web Development W.L.L; and are protected by local and international intellectual property laws. The company will prosecute any violation of this copyright.

The service provider is responsible for the accuracy of information and quotations provided.

The owners and management team of Wabash Web Development Co. W.L.L. are not liable, nor will they be held responsible for any transactions or dealings that take place between the various parties using Moqawalat.com. Hence, Moqawalat.com is not responsible, nor liable for any services provided by the service provider, or any interactions between the user and service provider. Users are responsible for the service provider that they select.

Moqawalat.com is not liable for any misconduct and/or any issues that may arise from the use of the website. Website users will be held solely liable and will bear any legal costs associated with improper use of the website, especially as it relates to the Company�s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Finally, users should be aware of and act in accordance with the 2015 Kuwait Electronic Law.